George Daw 16 Bore/gauge Side By Side


Additional Information

  • Weight: 
    6lb 12oz
  • Your reference: 
  • Chamber length: 
  • Gun Status: 
  • Recommended Usage: 
    Collection item
  • Ejection: 
    Non Ejector
  • Trigger: 
    Double Trigger

A very pretty hammer gun indeed with beautiful browned Damascus barrels and crisp engraving on lockplates, hammers and the action. The action is engraved George H Daw's Patent Central Fire and the gun features a push down lever under the trigger guard with which to open the gun. When disassembling the gun, the forend does not come off the action, instead you remove the cross pin and lift the barrels off when the gun is in the open position.

Dating this gun is not easy but, from doing a little bit of digging around we can narrow it down to having been built between 1861 and 1880. It remains in a very useable condition to this day, nearly 150 years after it was made!

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